Sunday, July 26, 2009

My new AmSam friends!

Above are pictures of me and some of my new American Samoa Teacher friends/colleagues out to dinner with the Samoa DOE. We had some delicious fish, pork and vegetables at a Samoan Cafe in Tafuna. To my right is KC (who will be living on the outer island with me) and Jessie. In the middle photo from left to right is Brigit, Kate and Julia. The very first photo is a picture of my delicious dinner- mmmm Samoan food. My favorite so far has been poke (pronounced pokie), which is raw tuna marinated in coconut milk- amazing. The food is so good here there is even a Samoan word for food coma: "moi." They don't mess around. 


  1. That sounds amazing, CFields!

  2. Oh, holy crap I'm using that word for food coma all the time. Moi? Like the French? Or. . . Mo-ee?

  3. like 'Moy'! like the yiddish sound? seriously...greasy, deep-fried, large portions...these are all very accurate ways to describe Samoan meals. They cook umu (pronounced OO MOO) dinners, which are these giant feasts cooked in the ground- they'll often have like three different kinds of meats at one meal: chicken, fish and pork for example. Their meals are serious business...