Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The South Side of Upolu!

After Thanh, KC and Rosemary flew back to American Samoa, Julia and I took a few extra days and headed to the south side of the island to lounge at Virgin Cove Resort (pictured here). We stayed in a traditional fale and slept right on the beach! The large hut is the restaurant where at night they had a great live, acoustic Samoan band and mediocre entres. But you couldn't beat the mixed drinks! I did get eaten alive by mosquitoes though and in the photo up top, Julia had to defend my honor from an unusually large rodent that infiltrated our fale...note her weapon is our kayak paddle and her headlamp adds a bit of Indiana Jones charm to the situation. It was a lovely time- and we even ran into four other WorldTeach friends while we were staying there- small world!

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