Monday, April 19, 2010

Friends from Tutuila come out to Manu'a to enjoy the subtle rewards of remote living....

For Easter/Passover weekend, our friends from the main island made it out to Ta'u to enjoy some hiking, swimming and relaxing. They are so thoughtful that they brought out an ample supply of fresh vegetables/bread/deserts and other treats that KC and I don't get out here- they spoil us! The entire crew consisted of: Me and KC (obvi) and from Tutuila- John and Cynthia, Scott and Taylor, Rosemary and Thanh, Kate and Julia (the latter two are seasoned outer-island tourists). We had an amazing passover seder, a great drive through the national park thanks to Saonoa, some acoustic guitar, fishing and an all-around great time!

We were so sad to see them go on Sunday. Little did KC and I would be for longer than we anticipated, as just a few days later, the plane to our outer island caught on fire and has been grounded ever since (at least I wasn't on it when it happened??). KC and I have been trying to get back over to the main island (especially now since KC's best friend from home, Sky, has arrived in Pago and is trying to get out here). It's been really hectic- and I'll keep everyone updated on the plane situation. As for now, I really am stranded on this remote little island in the middle of the Pacific. *gulp.

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