Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White Sunday!

On October 11th, Faleasao celebrated White Sunday (or Aso Sa Pa'ePa'e). This occasion happens once a year to honor the children of thevillage before God. This is when the church performs baptisms, andmost notably, the kids memorize long Bible recitations and SamoanHymns and perform for the entire community in their fanciest whitePuletasi (for girls) or ie (for boys). The Church Service lasts almostthree hours (starting at 9am). I've uploaded pictures from the event,including some of the delicious meal (To'onai) that Aso cooked for thefamily afterwards. I took a sweet little close-up shot of my favoritedish ever from Samoa- fe'e (pronounced fay-ay) or OCTOPUS! It'sdelicious and cooked in a really sweet coconut sauce...mmm mmm.KC, Kaitie and I actually performed with our family for White Sunday.We each memorized verses from Isaiah (Chapter 53, verses1-5) and thehymn Ou te pese ia Keriso (which means "Sing to Christ"). My versewas:"O le aoaiga e filemu ai tatou sa i ona luga lea: o ona faalavalavafoi ua malolo ai tatou"It's essentially about how Christ died for our salvation. I have avideo of my family's performance that I will try to upload when theinternet is fast enough. Until then, I hope you enjoy these pictures-feel free to ask any questions or comment-Manuia le aso!


  1. Wow, Court! It only took me 4 tries and an hour and 20 minutes to post this entry. Next time should be a breeze!! Actually it wasn't THAT bad and I absolutely LOVE the pictures! Keep them coming!!
    All our love,
    Mom and Dad :)

  2. It's a surprise to just stumble upon this site and to see my village and people i havent seen in years. its an awesome place and a life times experience to grow up on an island in the middle of the pcific ocean. i had a wonderful time there and hope that you will too. imma keep following and reading your updates. very interesting to read updates from an outsider...

    Happy New Years..and job well d0ne!

  3. Hi,just want to say thanks for the beautiful picture's u even have one picture of my mother in there,,my name is oto I was born and raised from that village of faleasao.....