Thursday, December 3, 2009

Since I haven't posted in over a month and a half.....

Here's a quick synopsis:

October was "rough." Three large earthquakes, one giant tsunami and a small drought that made it fairly difficult to find drinking water for a while. Everyday was a challenge in some new way...emotionally...physically...spiritually. October was kind of the bane of my existence.

November proved to be a little natural disasters (always a plus). However, it still seemed fairly exhausting to me, personally, because I began applying to graduate school in Women's Studies and English, meanwhile attempting to teach/plan/manage a class of children who do not enjoy school. (But I guess I understand... who wants to learn when it's 85 and tropical outside your door all year round? Professor Kaminsky always said Chicago had ideal learning conditions because the weather made you never want to leave your room....and I think he was on to something. Though, when the temperature is constantly pushing 90, air conditioning would probably prove the same incentive....if there was air conditioning :/ ). Anyway, I digress... So, November was spent writing my personal statements, working on a 16 page writing sample and researching schools and deadlines. What makes this process awesome on a remote island is the infrequency there is available internet. So, even though there were several weeks without any connection to the world wide web at all, I somehow managed to get my applications together.

That's my excuse for the lack of blogging...sufficient I think?

emotional stress+no intrawebz+grad apps allow no free time= no blogging :(

But now, as I have my four-to-five schools lined up, I'm ready to get my blog on again. If there's ever anything in particular you loyal readers want to read about (food, weather, people, events etc.) feel free to comment and let me know! Living here makes it hard to differentiate what's exciting to read about in the developed world. So holla at me!


  1. Yea Food would be good. That coral sperm eating article you wrote was very captivating. lol Like something off discovery channel.

  2. Well then food (pics) you shall receive! See my pics about the minister's arrival I just posted. miss you tomtom! :)