Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun facts about my experiences here so far:

I’ve eaten: squid, crabs, snail-like creatures, green bananas, breadfruit, papaya, coconut fresh from the tree, lots of delicious fish and this October, I will be eating some worms- get ready for THAT blog update!
I’ve seen: hermit crabs everywhere!, a huge whale in our harbor spraying the air with water from it’s blowhole, lots of flying foxes with three-foot-long wingspans, incredible sunsets, my bedroom shake from a 6.0 earthquake at 4am, the inside of a serious storm seen from an eighteen passenger plane, a church service where the entire island attended (yes, we all fit into one church), a three foot machete cutting through jungle brush, traditional Matai dances, clear starry nights (without light pollution!), caves and lots of sharp coral and volcanic rock.
I’ve visited: all three coves north of my village, all three villages on my island, Tutuila (there, I went to Bruno’s Magical Samoan Circus, a Leone High School football game [kids from there play in the NFL!], & roadside papaya stands) and this upcoming month I hope to visit the National Park where there are ancient star mounds, a giant crater and a bat cave!!!

Fai fai le mu! (*take it easy!)

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