Saturday, September 26, 2009

I found some long-lost internet acess on my island!

After a three-mile walk up a volcano, I have finally found internet access at the one high school on our island. My dial-up is too slow at the elementary school to update my blog there, but at the high school, some miraculous kind of internet is allowing me to update- so here are some quick, chaotic posts about the last...errr...four weeks of my crazy and adventurous life in AmSam. Mostly, I have a bunch of pictures you might enjoy.

The first few are of the inside of my bedroom and bathroom (connected to Aso's fale). I also have a picture of KC and Kaitie's house and their kitchen (where on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights, we make our own meals! We're working on a cookbook for 101 Ways to Cook Breadfruit... (I'm pretty sure we're at about 32). Remember- food on this island consists of breadfruit, canned items, hotdogs hotdogs hotdogs, corned beef, spam and then endless amounts of white rice. Needless to say, do not move here if you have dietary restrictions because when you're on an isolated island, shipping anything fresh is nearly impossible. Luckily, every once in a while KC and I get to eat a fresh coconut or papaya, so it's not all processed food all the time. But boy do I miss a good grocery store.

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