Saturday, September 26, 2009

These are some pretty fantastic pictures of my family ("aiga") at our town dance (siva).

To the top left, KC is dancing with a young, untitled gentlemen who is line to become Matai! Below is my sister, Loa (right), with one of her friends, Sabrina. They are both my fifth grade students! The middle picture is of my older sister, Lasi (pronounced Law-see), and a random, adorable toddler from our town. The picture with me and KC at the Siva, below, also shows my host mom, Aso (to my left), Jedi (Lasi's 3.5 year old son) and to the right another random child from our town sitting next to KC. The picture at the bottom is of me, KC and our favorite favorite 2 year old neighbor, MJ, who we're pretty sure is the Buddha reincarnated. He is the most joyful, well-behaved child in the whole world. Everyday, he runs up to me and demands hugs and kisses. Even on the most stressful day here, (and surprisingly on this tropical island there are a lot of them), he makes everything better!

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