Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More pics of the Faifeao's first weekend in Faleasao!

The picture on the bottom right is of the banana-leaf baskets full of delicious breadfruit and taro (traditional Samoan veggies/fruit) that have been baked in an umu (a traditional underground oven). The bottom left photo is of Kaitie helping the women of the town inside Faleasao Elementary's cafeteria prepare all of the food for the men in town (the food first goes to the Faifeao, the Matai Chiefs and titled men, then to the untitled men and women and then children eat last). The photo on the top right is of some women in town making trays of food for each man- that's right- one tray for one person...Samoans know how to eat. And the picture on the top right is of a woman fanning the flies away from the "plates" of food. It's kind of like my Methodist church's annual chicken barbecue......on steroids.

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