Thursday, December 3, 2009

My adorable 5th grade class...

Oh Heeeeey! My class just wanted to say: "Ua mai oe!" (what's UP!?)
Aren't they cute in their purple Faleasao uniforms! This is my classroom (my messy teacher's desk to the bottom right in the second picture, bulletin boards, chalkboard, reading center in the first picture all the way to the left, and traditional grass mats beneath the kids feet in the first pic). Awesome.
Here's the lineup from front to back in the first pic:
Sabrina and Tavini
Brandon and Tracy
(and then left to right all the way in the back) Hellen, Lopi, Aao, Patricia (or Loa, my host sister), Jack, Alphina and Terisa! We're missing Tiu, Claire Anita and Achilles.

I'm really lucky! They are a great class (though thoroughly exhausting), and there aren't that many of them. And look how studious they look in that second picture (don't be fooled). I'll try to keep updating more pictures later!

Manuia le aso!

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  1. Your class is absolutely awesome! They certainly enjoy having their picture taken. How about some pictures of their equally awesome teacher in her school uniform? You are doing a great job over there kiddo, keep up the good work! love ya xxoo