Monday, March 1, 2010

Julia Visits: We take a hike to To’a cove, go for a hike to a hidden beach past Ta’u and swim in the Ta’u wharf

Last weekend, the lovely Julia from Leone, Tutuila, flew over to our little island of Ta’u to visit again. She surprised us with a cornucopia of fruits, vegetables and cheese, which we created into delicious stir fries, pizzas and pasta dishes. But we don’t just love Julia for the amazing food she brings us (nay, that is only half the reason hehe), she also brings the FUN. She arrived on a Thursday afternoon and stayed until Sunday.

Thursday, Julia, KC, Dan, Zac and I took a hike to our favorite cove, To’a (pronounced toe-ah). We hung out on the rocky cliff and watched the sunset behind the islands Ofu and Olosega.

Then Friday, we had class all day, spent the afternoon swimming in our front yard and then enjoyed an awesome town siva (dance) that night. Julia got some solid bonding time with the always adorable toddler, MJ. We busted a move to many traditional songs, as well as sweet Samoan versions of American classics like “The Twist” and “Get Down Tonight.”

Saturday, KC, Julia and I took a wonderful walk over the hill into Ta’u, past the wharf and another plantation to a hidden beach. It was about an hour walk in total. We didn’t explore it in its entirety because the tide was coming in, but the walk through the jungle and along the coast was beautiful. On our way back, the three of us met up with the doctor’s daughters, Atamai and Alia, and jumped in the beautiful aquamarine waters of the Ta’u wharf. It’s quite deep there, but the water is so beautiful and incredibly transparent- it’s wicked fun and refreshing!

I was sad to see Julia go that Sunday- but KC and I are excited because she should be returning for Easter weekend with a bunch of our friends from Tutuila! I’ll cross my fingers and hopefully have another update for you then.

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