Wednesday, March 24, 2010

KC and I get to feel young again!

Last Friday, KC and I went to Manu'a High School's Senior Prom. KC was asked by Luo and I was asked by Eli, both seniors at Manu'a. They were very sweet & both endearingly excited taking "older" women to their prom. I thought it had the potential to be an awkward night, considering you have to enter prom on stage, Lei (pun intended) your date as he gives you flowers and then walk arm in arm through the auditorium to your table, where you sit and eat with his ENTIRE FAMILY! Well not entire, considering most Samoan families have about 10 people on average. But, I had to meet his mom, older sister and younger siblings (the younger ones I happen to teach...not awkward at all). But despite this recipe for awkward hijinxes, the night was really fun. It felt more like a wedding than a faux first date, but there was something very endearing about that. Samoan culture is EXTREMELY family oriented, which I love. So, once you live here, it's not surprising to learn that many of the seniors took their elementary aged cousins or siblings as their dates. Not something I witnessed at my prom back on the east coast, but it works here. And it was a really great night. Eli was so sweet, and his mom enjoyed KC and I so much that she baked us homemade donuts and two loaves of fresh bread! I think I won out on this deal :).

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