Monday, March 1, 2010

World Christian Endeavor Anniversary Service

A few weekends ago, all three villages got together for a special church service in Ta’u. It was to celebrate the youth group’s involvement with World Christian Endeavor (WCE), which is a protestant youth movement based out of Germany. The Ta’u minister happens to be the president of World Christian Endeavor, and many of my students from Ta’u are actually going with him to Peru for an annual conference this summer. This service was really great because all three villages prepared Samoan songs and dances to be performed. KC, Kaitie and I practiced for the week before with Faleasao village to perfect our three songs and two dances (I have video of us rocking out that I will someday upload to facebook- in the meantime, think Church hymn meets thriller)! KC also got a special opportunity to wear a “sombrero” and pretend she was from South America, in order to “represent” the children in WCE from all over the world. With her brand new dreadlocks (that I created in just 20 sweet hours of coiffure fun), KC rocked the sombrero look and was an island hit. Some people here are still convinced she is from South America….

(pictured: KC with her stellar dreads and Samoan “sombrero” and our awesome choreography- you can see my small head in the back, right of the pic)

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