Monday, March 1, 2010

Less appetizing update: I have a boil

Not the sexiest post I’ve ever made, but hey- this travel blog is about the good, the bad and the ugly. And I believe I would categorize having a boil as the latter two. This boily thing is a large bacteria infection in my BODY. BLARG. It is extremely painful and can be fairly serious depending on where it is in your body. Mine is on my thigh (a harmless location-yay), a bug bite that probably got infected with bacteria like Staph (I mean, not difficult to accrue here…the tropical jungle is a like a Petri dish). After three rounds of antibiotics, many doctors visits and a lot of annoying my dear friend KC with my complaining because of the pain and the grossness, I am almost rid of the horrible thing (3 weeks later)…  I have pictures, but my mom advised that these are too scary for a light-hearted travel blog. It’s been one of the best medical adventures so far, minus my salmonella fun in Western Samoa that put me in the hospital for three days. What’s next, Dengue? (*jinx).

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